Ruthless=patheticc[as i wus toldd]..andd hss nuthin tew du widd meh;)..i didnt no what dhee wordd ment lls

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

-diss dudee.

-ayyee i swearr i neverr knew who dis dudee was,sum friendss toldd meh.andd i wus so ashamedd,lykee how dha hell am i supose tew becum ah movie producerr and not knoe one of the best derr is. well now i du[kindaa]. buh soo farr ive learnedd dhat..Lee's movies have examined race relations, the role of media in contemporary life, urban crime and poverty, and other political issues. Lee has won an Emmy Award and was nominated for two Academy Awards.<--ahh thee powerr of copy andd pastee ;)...anywayss yeahh ill considerr him as an idol.

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